The Laugh is on Them: A Guatemalan Artist’s Take on Belonging

Tatiane S. Santa Rosa Published on LatinxSpaces Pencils and cities, maps and flags: familiar symbols of how knowledge and history have been constructed through time. Or, perhaps, no, not quite. Not at all. Who has constructed them? Are they really familiar? To whom? In Fernando Poyón’s Al Otro Lado del Trazo these symbols are re-ordered, […]

Mano Penalva’s Desenhos Interessados

Mano Penalva, Desenhos Interessados, 2018. Photo by Camila Crivelenti. Published on AnnexB, September 2018. Desenhos Interessados, a performance by artist Mano Penalva started with a couple rules. During his AnnexB residency in NY, the artist chose public spaces to create “drawings” for. The drawings are performances that consist in him building a simple aesthetic formation: using […]

With Fierce Dulzura: Queering Tèhuäntin in San Francisco

Ester Hernandez, “La Ofrenda II,” screenprint, 30” x 22” 1990. Published on LatinxSpaces, 2017. Lately, Galería de la Raza, in San Francisco, has been one of the few places in the “art world” where I feel safest, being an alien, a person of color, who does not “pass,” but feels as a POC. Perhaps this […]

The Pointless and Foolish in Endearing Films About Childhood and Old Age

Published on Hyperallergic, 2016, These days, conversations about Brazil may include expressions such as “economic crisis,” “bribery,” “coup,” or “impeachment.” Unrest may be the encompassing word to describe the waves of crisis that have crashed over the country. But while the economy collapses, there is still some hope in the volatile art market: Galeria Nara […]

Towards a Dildo-Imagination: Raphaela Melsohn’s Collection of Gestures  

Published on AnnexB, 2018. “Dildotectonics is the experimental contra-science dedicated to the study of the birth, formation and uses of the dildo. Here the term dildo designates all kinds of technologies of gender and sex that resist the normative production of the body and its pleasures.” Paul B. Preciado In Raphaela Melsohn’s Collection of Gestures, visitors enter […]

A Cuban Artist’s Transgressive Reclaiming of an Afro-Latin American Religion: Belkis Ayón’s Exhibition at El Museo del Barrio

Published on LatinxSpaces A black figure occupies the largest portion of the picture I see: a genderless, quasi-human, almost formless presence that grows in the darkness, from the bottom of the image to the top, as if its body were a black mantle expanding off the frame and into the gallery’s space. I see my […]